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What is Kara Brusven Guitar/Piano/Vocal?

Glad You Asked!

Kara’s goals for her YouTube channel can be summed up in three words:

Understanding, Connection, and Excellence.

Understanding: Kara's primary goal is to create content that helps her listeners feel understood in their unique life circumstances. To do this, Kara constantly pushes towards trying new genres of music while working with a wide variety of artists. She also consistently monitors the feedback she receives from listeners so her music can remain as accessible and relatable as possible to her general audience.

Connection: With her openness to feedback and musical genre, Kara has also naturally gravitated towards working with a variety of  new artists both in-person and from a distance. Kara enjoys meeting artists that she can connect with consistently, but is also focused on collaborating with new people and looking for specific skillsets that bring out the best in a project.

Excellence: Through meeting new artists, Kara has discovered a passion for motivating others towards their own personal excellence. She equates working on projects to “an experimental process where the main expectations are to learn through the production of your current best quality work, help others to grow during that process through communication, and take what you have learned to motivate yourself towards new potential." After working on a project, most collaborators have pushed themselves to try new things and utilize skills they had not previously capitalized on in their own work. Many have started their own social media profiles, worked towards more outreach within the musical community, found alternative ways to perform music during the pandemic, and have expressed finding new confidence in their own capabilities after working with Kara.

If you are looking for the opportunity to connect with other artists, while also pushing yourself towards new levels of personal excellence, fill out the contact form below to connect with us for a potential collaboration! We would love to work with you!

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