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Multi-Genre Guitarist • Composer • Instructor

About Kara

Multi-genre guitarist, Kara Brusven, draws you into a shared world with herself as she expresses thoughts and emotions through her instrument. With a background steeped in classical and jazz idioms, Kara demonstrates an unwavering resolve to look beyond technicality for results that are truly musical and inspirational. Her first EP, released in 2021 and titled “Two Halves of One Whole”, materializes this desire while also exposing listeners to both jazz and classical genres within the same medium. Additionally, at the young age of twenty-two, Kara has gained over ten years of musical experience in both the recording studio and on stage. This depth of experience has granted her the opportunity to perform alongside the renowned session trumpetist Chuck Findley and to also be featured as a musician on ABC’s WDAY-TV and UTVS Monday Night Live. Currently, Kara is pursuing a graduate degree in performance at Frost Institute of Music at the University of Miami. Beyond her graduate studies, Kara performs live and teaches frequently while collaborating on various recording projects with artists from across the country.

Although Kara has a diverse skillset, this does not deter her from maintaining consistency in the level of professionalism and intentionality that she invests into her music. Several of her clients, as well as fellow musicians, describe Kara as a musician who “moves with intention” and is “sure of every note”. This level of confidence is due to the fact that Kara is “unwavering in putting in the work for a successful performance” and always takes the time to understand the demands of any opportunity presented to her. Whether she is interviewing on the radio with KRFF 95.9, or performing for the South Dakota Governor’s Capital Tree Lighting Ceremony, Kara always looks at the situation objectively to discern how she can best achieve the goals of her clients while also reflecting authenticity and transparency in the work she creates. With an undergraduate degree in Commercial Music and Audio Production, as well as over eight years of teaching experience, Kara continuously presents herself as a knowledgeable and self-sufficient musician within many fields of the music industry.

A recent transplant from the Midwest to Miami, Kara is already establishing herself as an experienced entrepreneur in the Miami music scene by performing for University of Miami’s Ress Project and interviewing with the popular website Shoutout Miami. In addition to increasing her activity in the Miami music scene, Kara is currently in the process of composing new music for her first full-length album. For this album, she will be pushing her music even further, in terms of genre, by exploring more contemporary styles of music in her own compositions and arrangements. With her advanced education in classical and jazz studies, two foundational and pivotal styles of music, Kara is dedicated to utilizing this knowledge in the creation of music that reflects elements of the past while capitalizing on the potential of the future


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